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We Stand Out In the Way We Provide Services

Contrary to common practice, we do not only seek to get clients but to satisfy them. We make sure we provide them the best services they can get as it is in our power to give.

Meticulous Planning

We take time to study and Plan our projects.

Completion On Time

In execution, we make sure we meet timelines we have set.

Perfect Execution

After careful planning we execute them to the letter.

Affordable Prices

We charge our clients reasonably so they can afford it.

We spontaneously and proactively propose:


To identify the tax, legal and customs issues affecting your business as a commercial enterprise and as a regulated activity. This helps us make better decisions for you.


To undertake a review of the tax, legal, customs, financial and accounting obligations of your business in order to determine areas that may need adjustments.


To constantly ensure that your transactions are undertaken in accordance with the applicable law while taking into consideration the specificities of your business.

"Our services target all operations through which our clients achieve their business purpose"
Sylvain Martial Endougou
Associate Manager

Our specialization


International financial transactions (Foreign Direct Investment, Exchange control, Customs );


Negotiation, obtaining and implementation of tax incentive regimes, customs suspensions; various exemptions and reduced rates;


Obtaining approvals and licenses in the aviation, Mining, Petroleum, Gas and the other regulatory sectors;


Optimal implementation of specific codes and tax/customs derogatory regimes (Aviation, Mining, Petroleum & Gas, Investments, PPP).

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