Our expertise

In general, we specialize in the following areas:
  • Legal, tax, customs, accounting and financial assistance and engineering at the heart of the client’s business;
  • Obtaining approvals and licences in the mining, oil, gas, telecommunications sectors…;
  • Negotiation, obtaining and implementation of tax incentives, suspensive customs regimes, reduced rates and various exemptions;
  • Optimal application of specific codes (Mines, Oil & Gas, Investments, Ppps);
  • International transactions (transfer pricing, foreign direct investment and borrowing, foreign exchange, customs) etc.
  • Restructuring of companies and groups of companies, corporate governance and heritage protection;
  • Debt recovery, credit management

Our detailed services


  • Legal Secretariat
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal audits
  • Contractual audit and contract management
  • Consultations, studies, engineering, legal and legal monitoring
  • Mobile banking and e-banking
  • Groups of companies
  • Securities and dematerialisation
  • Concession, delegation of public services, Public undertakings
  • Litigation, Business Management
  • Legal intelligence
  • Trademark Patent, Software, Intellectual Property


  • Tax consulting and audits
  • Tax risk
  • Transfer pricing and international transactions
  • Taxation of wages and salaries
  • Taxation of enterprises
  • Oil, mining, insurance, banking, stock market, telecommunications, etc.
  • Local and household taxation
  • Registration rights
  • Tax litigation 
  • Tax strategy
  • Tax treaties
  • Tax incentive schemes
  • Various tax assistance

Customs & Exchange

  • Customs consultations
  • Customs and exchange compliance audits;
  • Implementation of suspensive customs procedures
  • Direct investment and financial capital operations
  • Resident and non-resident accounts
  • Optimization of international financial transactions
  • International Business Transaction Engineering and Triangulation
  • Customs optimizations
  • Customs bonds
  • Customs and foreign exchange disputes

Finance & Accounting

  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements;
  • Consulting and Financial Engineering;
  •  Management control;
  • Conduct of inventories
  • Year-end accounting work
  • Procedures manuals

Heritage & Real Estate

  • Implementation and management in condominium
  • Sale in Future Completion State
  • Implementation location-accession
  • Real estate engineering
  • Property and wealth taxation
  • Heritage assessment
  • Wealth management
  • Protection of the heritage

credit & risk management

  • Audit-detection of legal, fiscal, customs, accounting and financial risks
  • Anticipation, management of tax and customs legal risks
  • Recovery of claims
  • Assessment of the insolvent customer
  • Legal and tax management of unpaid debts
  • Treatment of business crises
  • Payment guarantees


  • Restructuring, recapitalisation
  • Mergers and acquisitions absorption
  • Collective procedures
  • Structuring of the group architecture
  • Enterprise outsourcing and outsourcing engineering