About us

We are :

  • A legal, tax, customs, accounting and financial consultancy firm with the notoriety of its members having held managerial positions in the audit-consulting firms and major offices of the market.
  • A multidisciplinary team of consultants each evolving by specific activity area in order to provide the client with specific and specific solutions to their requests.
  • A network of experts in auditing consulting in the support of companies, whose vocation is to provide a concrete and operational response to the managers of companies to accelerate the development of their activities or solve a problem.

"We guarantee our customers tailor-made services, delivered according to the required standards"

Our Story

Created in 2013 in the form of a Société Anonyme with Chief Executive Officer, E Mining Venture & Advisory Plc started its activities with the main added value of a know-how very early unveiled, closing the first financial year with a turnover of more than 400 million XAF.

Although young, E Mining Venture & Advisory Plc has an 80-year accumulated business database and expertise that is solidly acquired over time by its employees during their respective stints in the global audit business.advice, sustainable and enhanced know-how, didactically transmitted to the young employees who are recruited among the senior graduates, endowed with a sense of synthesis, a self-taught and transversal culture, able to take on a short time line a synthesized business experience.                      

His promoter went through Pricewaterhousecoopers respectively, where he stayed for 8 years before creating and developing the legal and tax department of Mazars Cameroun S.A. which he managed for 5 years. Having decided to set up his own business under the label E Consulting Sm Ltd, a legal, tax, financial and accounting consultancy, he will develop an expertise that has earned him the right to be courted by Ernst and Young, who bought the assets of E Consulting Sm Ltd.
as a strategy for redeploying its activities in Cameroon.   He will be part of the EY Cameroon teams for 2 years, bringing the activity to a turnover of 1.4 billion CFA francs per year, before creating and dedicating since 2013, to the development of E Mining Venture & Advisory («EMV & A»).

E Mining Venture & Advisory Plc has also included a university associate and other major consultants who have imported and implemented an enterprise culture and processes in line with the operations of world-class firms.
In a strategy to revitalize its business model, E Mining Venture & Advisory Plc has created a Board of Directors as a strategy to coordinate its representation in Chad, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

What We Do

"Des Idées, Du Métier, Une Longueur d'Avance..."
"Au cœur du métier, la firme au cœur le client au cœur…"
"Au-delà du conseil, l’humanisme et le social…"
  • The successful implementation of a backup scheme for the branch of activity of the Cameroonian subsidiary of Necotrans in a context where companies in difficulty are systematically liquidated, coupled with the international bankruptcy of the entire Necotrans group;
  • The development of schemes for the redeployment and structuring of triangular transactions currently applied by large groups on their African subsidiaries;
  • The successful restructuring of many groups and companies at the grassroots dying;
  • The development of transfer pricing policies and optimal management of group cash flows currently applied by large groups on their African subsidiaries;
  • A successful implementation of pioneer projects in the field of condominium and sale in future state of completion;
  • A culture of risk management and of helping to reduce by at least 90% the adjustments resulting from tax and customs controls;
  • Expertise in the implementation of customs and fiscal rogatory solutions, as well as in the management of capital flows, foreign direct investment and securities;
  • Built-in expertise in corporate governance, business crisis management, credit management, wealth management and capital financing.

Our Team

In order to ensure optimal preservation of the interests of our clients, a multidisciplinary team of dynamic, involved and available employees has been set up, intervening in real time on the missions for which we are responsible. Our core team is permanently composed of 19 active professionals, presented below.

Sylvain Martial Endougou

Associate Director


Sylvain started his carrier at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he provided his services for 8 years.

He further established and developed the legal and tax department of Mazars Cameroun S.A. for an overall period of 5 years

He subsequently created E Consulting sm Ltd, a legal, tax, financial & accounting advisory firm which was subsequently sold to Ernst and Young, and participated during 2 years in implementing and redeploying EY activities in Cameroon leading to a turnover of 1.4 billion CFA francs pa;

Since 2013, he is devoted in the development of E Mining Venture & Advisory Plc (‘EMV&A) leading the firm to a turnover worth 400 million francs p.a.

Sylvain Martial Endougou assisted various multinationals in the structuring of Foreign direct investments, transfer pricing, obtaining various licences, tax and customs related controls. He designed and organised several training workshops for multinational corporate executives to address tax and legal issues

Bilingual (French & English) with French as mother tongue, he ensures the technical and operational functioning of the firm

Jean Michel Meyanga

Tax & Legal Manager


Jean Michel started his carrier at Mazars Cameroon where he provided his services for 4 years as assistant in the Tax and Legal department since 2007.

He further worked in Ernst and Young Cameroon for 4 years as senior since 2011 after the merger in Cameroon with Econsulting Sm Ltd, a legal and tax firm where he were working.

He also worked in HEVECAM S.A., and international firm for 3 years as Tax and Legal Manager, He is now working as Tax and Legal Manager for EMV & A.

Jean Michel focuses his practice on tax and legal counseling issues, and on mining and energy activities. He provides many assistance to large multinational corporations, private investors on a wide variety of taxes and reviews.

Bilingual (French & English) with French as mother tongue, Jean Michel is attached to quality and cares about the environment.

Jean Zoa Zoa

Tax, Lagal & Costums Manager


Jean flew entrepreneurship projects (including business plan design, the development of administrative, legal and tax related to business creation).

He also assured the missions of marine inspections and statutory damages to the firm Wouri Maritime Services

Since 2014, he is working for EMV&A as a Tax, legal and customs Consultant, specially in charge of audit and restructuring .
Jean ZOA ZOA attended various multinationals in handling cases related to transfer pricing, foreign exchanges regulation, Mobile banking transactions Restructuring, corporate governance, health check audits, contract audit and in the resolution of legal, tax and customs matters.

He is bilingual (French & English) with French as mother tongue.

Tatiana Lydia Toko

Tax & Legal Manager​


Tatiana started working in an outstanding domestic law firm Cabinet d’Avocats L.Y EYOUM &PARTNERS

She also worked for 2 years at the Government Services of the Region of Littoral Cameroon as a Senior Staff, during which she established relevant ties with various competent administrative authorities in Cameroon  

Since 2014, she is working for EMV&A as a Consultant.

Tatiana Lydia Tocko assisted various financial institutions and multinationals in the handling of several legal issues.
Bilingual (French & English) with French as mother tongue,

She is a bona fide member of our legal team.

Manuéla Manga ZOA

Junior Consultant


Manuéla ZOA is principally in charge of missions related to tax and customs optimization.

She assisted NESTLE in the conception of an economic model for its subsidiaries in West Africa.

She has equally assisted various companies in administrative litigations(taxation, public works) where they had favourable outcomes.

Specialist in international taxation, she animates the International Taxation Club at EMV&A where she works since 2015 as Junior Consultant  

Manuéla ZOA has assisted various companies in the resolution of legal, tax and customs related issues.

Bilingual with French as mother tongue, she will participate in the realisation of our missions.

Jean-Stive Mba Bissa

Junior Consultant


Jean-Stive worked for the Public Notary Barbine WO’O BEFOLO over a period of 3 years, where he had the opportunity to advise individuals and companies on labour law, commercial law, real estate law and corporate law.

Assistance in the drafting of conclusions in social litigation, he has equally accompained various companies on taxation issues such as tax review of statistical and tax declaration, tax litigation and establishment of Transfer Pricing documentation.

Since December 2015, he is a member of the team EMV&A as a junior consultant.

Jean-Stive has assisted various companies in the resolution of legal and tax related issues.

Bilingual with French as mother tongue, he will participate in the realisation of our missions.


Tax & Legal Consultant

Franck yanick OBAMA EBOLO

Tax & Legal Junior Consultant

Sandrine Vanissa NTAMAK

Tax & Legal Consultant

Marshall Arikah BAIYE NKONGOH

Tax & Legal Junior Consultant

Michèle Pauline MVODO

Tax & Legal Junior Consultant

Pauline Manuela ESSAMA

Tax & Legal Junior consultant

paulin SONNA

Accounting & Finance Consultant

Margueritte NGO YOMB II

HR Consultant

Christelle WOCHE

Accounting & Finance Consultant

Rosine Salomé MFONO

Administrative Assistant


IT Consultant

Gaelle Laeticia AYONG NGONO

Administrative Assistant